About us


To be the most preferred sportswear company in the industry, delivering measurable value to our employees, partners, end-users and investors.


To continuously explore new profit opportunities, and develop our brand and product offering to meet tomorrows market expectations today.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP is our foundation

We are a Finnish family business with a history spanning more than 100 years – a well established, financially robust and a trustworthy employer, partner and corporate citizen. A close-knit group of committed, actively involved individuals with a shared ambition to excel. We respect knowledge, experience and each other. Believing in ourselves and in what we do makes the difference.

INNOVATION is our core competence

We question everything, because curiosity is the route to innovation and success. We combine design, production and marketing into a portfolio of smart-choice brands.
Our focus on these 3 perspectives gives us deep insight into creating the best long-term value for all parties who sells or uses our products – and it helps us to increase our competitiveness in the marketplace.


At every stage of development, operations and transformation, we stay close to our customers and act more agile than our competitors. We strive to anticipate future changes and continuously reinvent how we work to match them most profitably. We remain focused and decisive, and move quickly to create the best long-term value for ourselves and our stakeholders.

EXPERIENCE is our future weapon

By combining our experience and insight with strong customer and end-user focus, we create powerful tools for achieving commercial success and for building a trustworthy reputation.
By making the most of our family business heritage and by grasping constantly evolving end-user expectations, we help everyone to stand out – however and wherever they challenge themselves

PERFORMANCE is how we build success

We add long-term value to everything we do. We listen and learn, and optimise the way we operate to address our markets in the most profitable way.
Our heritage drives us to deliver value and return on investment to our investors, retail customers and consumers alike – while sustaining our financially robust, trustworthy and caring reputation.


Winners never stop at the finishing line. Their sights are already on the next challenge. We stay curious, always on the lookout for new directions in design, production and marketing – always responsive to the ever-changing dynamics of end-user and retailer demand. We draw on the unique insights of a business history spanning more than one hundred years, as well as today’s solid reputation for financial strength, close relationships and corporate trust. We listen and learn. We question everything. We anticipate the opportunities of tomorrow, and encourage our people to maximize their true potential. Staying alert and flexible enables us to create competitive advantage, transform our insights to differentiating end-user experiences, and deliver long-term value for our employees and partners.
With us, you win.

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